Definición de SSD en inglés



  • A storage device containing nonvolatile flash memory, used in place of a hard disk because of its much greater speed.

    ‘a decent SSD offers arguably the biggest jump in performance for your general PC experience’
    • ‘While there's no question that an SSD can have one of the largest impacts of any upgrade in terms of how you use your PC, there have been relatively few new products hitting the market in the last nine months.’
    • ‘The technology requires one SSD (with 18.6 GB-64 GB capacity) as well as one HDD.’
    • ‘2011 is going to be the year where everyone can and should have an SSD in their computer and notebook.’
    • ‘The 11-inch model has an SSD produced by Samsung while the 13-inch model has an SSD from Toshiba.’
    • ‘There are very few applications that don't benefit from an SSD.’


1980s abbreviation of solid state drive or solid state disk.