Definition of St. Basil's Cathedral in English:

St. Basil's Cathedral

Pronunciation /ˌsānt ˌbazəlz kəˈTHēdrəl/ /ˌseɪnt ˌbæzəlz kəˈθidrəl/

proper noun

  • A cathedral on the south side of Red Square in Moscow, commissioned by Ivan the Terrible to commemorate his capture of Kazan from the Tartars in 1552 and built between 1555 and 1560. The official name of the cathedral is the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin, for Kazan was taken on October 1, the Orthodox feast of the Intercession of the Virgin. The more common name St. Basil's Cathedral is from St. Basil the Blessed, a ‘holy fool’ who was buried near the site of the cathedral.


St. Basil's Cathedral

/ˌsānt ˌbazəlz kəˈTHēdrəl/ /ˌseɪnt ˌbæzəlz kəˈθidrəl/