Definition of St. Bernard in English:

St. Bernard

(also St. Bernard dog)


  • A large dog of a breed originally kept to rescue travelers by the monks of the Hospice on the Great St. Bernard Pass in the Swiss Alps.

    • ‘The organisers are laying on back-up, checkpoints and sweepers for safety, but Bar Talk can't confirm rumours of St Bernard dogs with barrels of best bitter under their chins patrolling the routes.’
    • ‘The stories about St Bernard dogs and the barrel of brandy around their necks is untrue though.’
    • ‘George and Marion Kerby are a zesty, fun-loving couple enjoying a fifth wedding anniversary skiing holiday in Switzerland when they are killed in an avalanche, along with their potential rescuer, a St Bernard dog.’
    • ‘Known worldwide as "the dog that rescues people," the St. Bernard is much loved as a gentle family companion, perhaps somewhat clumsy in the confines of a suburban home, but with a big heart and friendly demeanor that reflects his origin as a hospice dog in the Swiss Alps.’


St. Bernard

/ˌsānt bərˈnärd/ /ˌseɪnt bərˈnɑrd/