Definition of stabbing in English:



  • An act or instance of wounding or killing someone with a knife.

    ‘the fatal stabbings of four women’
    • ‘Such crimes as assault, rape, and burglary are rare, but kidnappings, stabbings, and homicides frequently occur in the criminal world of the competing triads.’
    • ‘The report also argues that as the number of different drugs taken by young people increases, the more likely it is that they will be carrying a weapon - the implication being that more drugs equals more knives which equals more stabbings.’
    • ‘There was just one shooting and two instances of stabbings and I would not say that is mass violence.’
    • ‘Incidents such as stabbings and violent crime, often induced by influences like drugs or alcohol, are unacceptable and the police have a responsibility to deal with this.’
    • ‘He is rather confused and mistaken - it must have been the sight of all those stabbings, savage beatings and violence that is getting to him.’
    • ‘There have been reports of recent attempted kidnappings, muggings and stabbings.’
    • ‘Detectives investigating the fatal stabbings of a married couple say it is vital they trace a new witness.’
    • ‘But watching all the stabbings, murders, guns and violence that can be seen every night on prime time television elicits not even a whimper.’
    • ‘Politicians demanded tough action against knife crime yesterday after a wave of stabbings left two men dead and four seriously injured.’
    • ‘These murders, shootings and stabbings are all about drugs and the proceeds of crime.’
    • ‘These range from stabbings to violent assaults so serious that some shopworkers are scared of actually going back on the shopfloor.’
    • ‘A team from the university hospital said violent crime is on the increase - and kitchen knives are used in as many as half of all stabbings.’
    • ‘A man was killed and five people were fighting for their lives today after a rampaging knifeman carried out a series of stabbings.’
    • ‘Criminal lawyers in the area often deal with clients accused of rape, stabbings and violent assaults.’
    • ‘On any given night, the two cops will respond to gunfights, stabbings, thefts and family fights.’
    • ‘Another unenviable record is the 19 stabbings that occurred at a gig in Boston, although they were not a reaction to the band's music but the result of a nutter running amok through the crowd.’
    • ‘Renaissance paintings showed the blood or lopped heads of martyrs; Shakespeare's tragedies typically concluded with swordplay and stabbings.’
    • ‘Staff from York Dungeon will be joining forces with students from York College to dramatise the dangers of slips, trips, burns, cuts and stabbings in the kitchen.’
    • ‘A recent audit of the hospitals' accident and emergency departments showed that only half of stabbings were reported to police.’
    agonizing, extremely painful, severe, acute, intense, extreme, savage, violent, racking, searing, piercing, stabbing, raging, harrowing, tormenting, grievous


  • (of a pain or sensation) sharp and sudden.

    ‘I felt a stabbing pain in my chest’