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(also British stabilisation)
  • 1The process of making something physically more secure or stable.

    ‘the derelict buildings will require some structural stabilization’
    • ‘Clear elastic is soft and lightweight and has excellent stretch and recovery, making it ideal for soft edge stabilization.’
    • ‘If you're making a very large button, the buttonhole may need more stabilization than usual.’
    • ‘Most sweater fabrics don't need stabilization except at the shoulder seams.’
    • ‘They may be able to do some emergency stabilization, like wedging the coral pieces in the rocks to keep them from rolling around in the waves.’
    • ‘Ankle support can be worn within a shoe to provide user with support and stabilization during rigorous activity.’
    1. 1.1The process of becoming or being made unlikely to change, fail, or decline.
      ‘the economy is starting to show signs of stabilization’
      • ‘stabilization of the patient's cardiac function’
      • ‘the corporation's stabilization fund was still in arrears’
      • ‘Assistance has been made conditional upon the implementation of macroeconomic stabilization programmes.’
      • ‘Whey protein stabilization is important in the formulation of these products.’
      • ‘Composting results in stabilization of nitrogen in organic form for use in soils.’
      • ‘If tax dollars are going to be spent on bank stabilization and restoration, you want to do the most with the money you have.’
      • ‘There will have to be stabilisation on the security front, plus measures to restore confidence.’



/ˌstābələˈzāSH(ə)n/ /ˌsteɪbələˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌstābəˌlīˈzāSH(ə)n/ /ˌsteɪbəˌlaɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/