Definition of stable boy in English:

stable boy


  • A boy or man employed in a stable.

    • ‘They hurried Down the hall and through the great entrance over to the Royal Stables where two stable boys had their horses ready.’
    • ‘From that day on, he lived with the Ashfords, tending the stables as a stable boy until he worked his way up to the master he was presently.’
    • ‘Krista looked back towards the stable and saw the stable boy sweeping and tripping over himself.’
    • ‘In the stable, the lone stable boy was more prudent than his colleague outside.’
    • ‘Her father helped her to the stable, where the stable boy hitched up the carriage and they drove off.’
    • ‘Other grooms and stable boys began wandering in, getting feed for their horses, grooming, cleaning saddles and bridles, and doing other chores.’
    • ‘Once they reached the royal stables, they dismounted their exhausted horses to confused stable boys and ran as quickly as they could into Elizabeth's chamber.’
    • ‘Above the stables was the shared dormitory of all the stable boys.’
    • ‘They walked their horses back to the stables and then handed them off to the stable boys.’
    • ‘‘Here is where your horses will be stabled, sirs,’ the stable boy said, opening the pen with a bow.’
    • ‘He nodded to the stable boy and walked past Milana and out of the stables to Lione who had been waiting for him at the nearest entrance into the castle.’
    • ‘He turned around to take his horse down to the stables only to accidentally run into the stable boy, who had come to take his horse for him.’
    • ‘One of you go and fetch the stable boy to put these horses in the stables, please.’
    • ‘Upon entering the stables, I wasn't surprised to see the stable boy sleeping as well.’
    • ‘She clicked Bolt out of the stable and almost made it before Donald, the stable boy caught her.’
    • ‘No one paid her any mind as she made her way to the stable, looking for a particular stable boy.’
    • ‘There, occupying the stable was a gentleman who was speaking to a stable boy in a hushed tone.’
    • ‘Affectionately stroking her mount's spotless flank, Princess Anastasia skilfully settled herself into the saddle, as the stable boys made way for her.’
    • ‘Within twenty minutes the group stepped into the outskirts and they dismounted, leaving their rides with a stable boy eager for extra cash.’
    • ‘I gave the reins to the stable boy who stood there, his clothes torn and his dirty face red from the cold.’
    stable hand, stableman, stable lad, stable boy, stable girl


stable boy