Definition of stable fly in English:

stable fly


  • A bloodsucking fly related to the housefly, that bites large mammals including humans.

    Stomoxis calcitrans, family Muscidae

    • ‘House flies, stable flies and blow flies may be pests of dairy cattle kept on lots.’
    • ‘You probably will recognize some of the suspects: horsefly/deer fly, stable fly, housefly, black fly, hornfly, face fly, culicoides, and mosquito.’
    • ‘Scientists from the University of Illinois recently identified two species of parasitic wasps that may prove useful in controlling stable flies and house flies, two well-known pests in the midwest United States.’
    • ‘For example, as suburban sprawl encroaches on farmland, people have more contact with both stable flies and house flies, creating conflict with livestock producers.’
    • ‘House flies and stable flies are not only a nuisance on livestock and poultry farms, but they also transport disease-causing organisms.’
    • ‘Whether house fly or stable fly, these annoying, filthy creatures make their presence known.’
    • ‘In Nebraska, where beef cattle are the top agricultural commodity with annual sales of $5.5 billion, stable flies are considered even worse pests than house flies.’
    • ‘These wasps parasitize the pupal life stage of house flies and, less successfully, stable flies.’
    • ‘Now a group of German researchers have blamed stable flies for starting the HIV epidemic by biting the carcasses of infected chimpanzees in meat markets in central Africa before going on to feed on people.’
    • ‘The bit of the stable fly is so painful that an infection can reduce milk yield by up to 25%.’
    • ‘Once considered mainly a feedlot pest, the stable fly has extended its reign of terror to the open pasture and rangeland, areas where cattle once grazed virtually unharried by the bloodsucking insect.’
    • ‘I have a problem with stable flies in my house.’
    • ‘The active ingredient in Solitude IGR has been shown in multiple studies to be up to 100% effective against house and stable flies.’
    • ‘Removing weeds and brush within 150 feet of pens and spraying the shaded areas of buildings with a residual insecticide will help control stable flies.’