Definition of stable lad in English:

stable lad


  • A person employed in a stable.

    • ‘Pitman, a member of the BBC Television racing team, joined Winter as a stable lad in 1964.’
    • ‘I found myself employed as a stable lad in the wealthy household of the Lord of Flemming.’
    • ‘Dessie was joined at the launch by retired jockey Brian Connorton, who used to travel in railway horseboxes during his time as a stable lad.’
    • ‘‘It will be a good thing,’ said Niven, ‘but I hope it does not become like those schools which just turn out stable lads rather than jockeys.’’
    • ‘The stable lads and lasses had been up since dawn expertly grooming and preening their charges.’
    • ‘The injury put paid to his career as a jockey, but the life of a stable lad and work rider beckoned.’
    • ‘In England aspiring trainers are thought to need a lot of money behind them, whereas many in Ireland get their grounding by working as stable lads, riding as amateurs and then chancing their arm with a handful of horses.’
    • ‘At Fitz's I worked as a stable lad, although I still wanted to be a jockey.’
    • ‘David Easterby, assistant trainer at the stables, said Mr Greally had been given the opportunity to be a jockey after making his mark as a stable lad.’
    • ‘The introduction of regional racing might help the stable lads and lasses since it will presumably cut travelling time for most yards, but an extra 300 meetings will be murder for betting shop staff.’
    • ‘The stable lads subsidise racing by working for a wage appreciably less than they could earn selling brushes or being a manicurist or driving a taxi.’
    • ‘I have often objected to the terms stable lads and lasses, which smack of a servile past rather than a modern and professional approach.’
    • ‘The stable lads ask who you are and ask you to wait, generally in the tack-room.’
    • ‘Born in 1935, in the village of Horse And Jockey, in County Tipperary, Ireland, James Gerard FitzGerald started his career in racing at the very bottom, working as a stable lad.’
    • ‘Born in the village of Horse And Jockey, County Tipperary, he started his racing career as a stable lad.’
    • ‘I spent a lot of time at his yard and three days after leaving school I started working for him as a stable lad.’
    • ‘We judged the best turned out horse to be Hunter's Valley and gave a donation to her stable lad.’
    • ‘It chronicles the sometimes hilarious stories of the people involved in racing's rich tapestry from owners, to trainers, to jockeys, to work riders, to stable lads, to bookies, to punters - all of whom have an important role to play.’
    • ‘They left the horses in the care of a runny-nosed stable lad and made their way through the falling dusk to the hostel.’
    • ‘I was lucky enough to lead up a Derby winner when I was a stable lad and now I have trained a winner of the Coronation Cup and the Oaks.’
    stable hand, stableman, stable lad, stable boy, stable girl