Definition of stableman in English:



  • A person employed in a stable.

    • ‘As they reached the stables, the stableman took Lennox and bid the prince and princess a very good night.’
    • ‘To run a hunt you need all the horsemen, stablemen, hound keepers and nowadays the local police.’
    • ‘He got his horse from one of the stablemen, and galloped out the curtain wall when the drawbridge was down.’
    • ‘The small garden located at the crossroad of Wusheng Lu and Huangpi Beilu once served as a cemetery for Jewish stablemen from the race track.’
    • ‘Therefore, even though Bostons were exceedingly popular at first with stablemen and barbers, the breed's charm and increasingly smaller size brought it to the attentions of a wider, more pacific audience.’
    • ‘‘All the sons in my family since my great-great-great-grandfather have served as the head stablemen for the kings and princes,’ Joshua told me.’
    • ‘The watching stablemen hooted in laughter as Duncan swung the chestnut around and started off in the opposite direction, rolling his eyes at his friends once he was sure it could not be seen by either Cyril or Johen.’
    • ‘I looked back at the manor once as I borrowed a horse from the stableman in hopes that if I survived my father's treachery, I would be able to have an excuse to return here and make peace with Bryan again.’
    • ‘It would not matter to you, then, that my father was merely a stableman?’
    • ‘The stableman is sick and I need help with the horses.’
    • ‘The stableman had brought out his horse and saddled it.’
    • ‘The stableman who had taken care of Lay's horse, led Nalie into the stables as Jacqueline took Lione into the castle.’
    • ‘Unlike the other women, she was walking to town, as she still had not hired a stableman or anyone to drive her carriage.’
    • ‘She greeted the trio a cheerful good morning before ordering a stableman to bring her the mare she always rides.’
    • ‘The stableman was already at the festivities so I saddled my own horse, a stout black mare.’
    • ‘She had written him a reference in case he wanted to seek work as a stableman again.’
    • ‘Outside it were two stablemen, holding the halter ties of three beautiful mares: a black, a chestnut, and a grey.’
    • ‘Anne tied her belongings tightly to her horse's saddle while the stableman helped Katherine haul her suitcase across the back of her own horse's saddle and secure it there with ropes.’
    • ‘This race is the latest in an occasional series, founded by Middleham-based Raye Wilkinson of Racing Welfare, to honour stablemen who have worked a lifetime behind the scenes.’
    • ‘Since many drivers and stablemen were uninformed, and even human labourers were overworked and dismissed once they were ‘worn out’, it is not surprising that maltreatment of horses was common.’
    stable hand, stableman, stable lad, stable boy, stable girl