Definition of stackyard in English:



  • A farmyard or enclosure where stacks of hay, straw, or grain in sheaf are stored.

    • ‘During the winter, there are still plenty of these striking little birds to be seen feeding with finches in stackyards in Norfolk farms and they flock on the hedges and in gardens far inland, especially in hard weather.’
    • ‘We used to build stacks mainly in the stackyard by the farm buildings but occasionally we built some in the field.’
    • ‘Its most recent project was buying the five barns and stackyard at Barton Farm and restoring the West Barn.’
    • ‘Bale stackyards should not be located in places where a fire is most likely to occur.’
    • ‘It is best to have several bale stackyards rather than just one as this reduces the risk of a wildfire destroying all hay on the farm.’