Definition of staff sergeant in English:

staff sergeant


  • 1A rank of non-commissioned officer in the army, above sergeant and below warrant officer.

    • ‘They spent two days at the factory in Wales where the house was built, says retired Army staff sergeant Adrian, 57.’
    • ‘He is retired infantry staff sergeant Donald Pringle, also known as Grandpa.’
    • ‘During the time I was at the Infantry center we learned to do every squad leader's job, every machine gunner's job and every staff sergeant's job as well, if not better, than our own.’
    • ‘Morgan served more than 10 years in the Army and earned the rank of staff sergeant before leaving active duty in 1996 to pursue a musical career.’
    • ‘Typically commanded by a sergeant or staff sergeant, a squad or section is the smallest element in Army structure, and its size is dependent on its function.’
    • ‘An armor staff sergeant is considered branch qualified after 18 months of successful tank commander time.’
    • ‘He re-enlisted during World War II as a staff sergeant with the Army engineers.’
    • ‘James, 36. is a staff sergeant in the Army's food services division, which prepares meals for troops stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado.’
    • ‘The bridegroom is a staff sergeant assigned to Dewitt Army Community Hospital.’
    • ‘Raised with horses, the staff sergeant worked with the horses of the Army's honor guard near Washington, the Caisson Unit of the 3rd Infantry Division.’
    • ‘He served the U.S. Army in World War II as a staff sergeant in the European Theater.’
    • ‘The Army announced on May 9 that single staff sergeants in stateside military installations will be allowed to live off post.’
    • ‘Besides holding down a full-time job as a Pentagon police officer, he is a staff sergeant in the Army Reserve with 20 years of military service.’
    • ‘Son-in-law Rich is a staff sergeant with the 387th Army Reserve Unit.’
    • ‘After his discharge as a staff sergeant, McGurn went on to a distinguished career in foreign reporting in the State Department and as communications director for the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘The bonus will be paid to soldiers between the ranks of specialist and staff sergeant with 17 months to 10 years in service.’
    • ‘He had been a staff sergeant during the tank landings on the second day of the D-Day invasion and fought his way through enemy fire to Belgium.’
    • ‘During a weekend outing to Windsor Castle, Ruth met Wenclell Poore, a U.S. Army Air Corps staff sergeant.’
    • ‘For a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army, a chance to jog around the White House with any President would be an amazing experience.’
    • ‘Pitsenbarger, a pararescueman, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor and promoted to staff sergeant for treating and protecting scores of wounded infantrymen.’
    1. 1.1A rank of non-commissioned officer in the US air force, above airman and below technical sergeant.
      • ‘This security forces staff sergeant from Elmendrof Air Force Base finds fraternity with Anchorage's brokers, truckers and teachers.’
      • ‘Now 25 years old, Robert is an Air Force staff sergeant.’
      • ‘She'd just met with Candace Campbell-Rhodenizer and her husband, Gene, a staff sergeant with the 732nd Air Mobility Squadron, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.’
      • ‘Why would a new staff sergeant give up a soaring Air Force enlisted career?’
      • ‘In this case, it's the promotion list to staff sergeant - something 32,000 promotion-eligible senior airmen are anxiously waiting to see.’
      • ‘Pits was also posthumously promoted to staff sergeant in 2000, becoming the first U.S. Air Force noncommissioned officer to attain Medal of Honor status.’
      • ‘The Air Force also posthumously promoted him to staff sergeant.’
      • ‘The staff sergeant submitted a fully documented request, supported by his trait, wing and NAF commanders.’
      • ‘Henry, 29, is a staff sergeant in the United States Air Force and as loyal a career soldier as you'll find.’
      • ‘Special Agent Pearson's current class has several second lieutenants, a couple of senior airmen, a civilian, a master sergeant, a technical sergeant and a couple of staff sergeants.’
      • ‘After I joined the Air Force and was assigned to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., I was selected to serve as a summary court officer for a young staff sergeant killed in a traffic accident.’
      • ‘As a young airman or even now as a staff sergeant, I know that I could not have afforded to replace that $25,000 radio.’


staff sergeant