Definition of staffer in English:



North American
  • A member of the staff of an organization, especially of a newspaper.

    ‘staffers on the New York Times’
    ‘a White House staffer’
    • ‘Carpenter told a nurse he wanted medical staffers to do all they could to prevent his death.’
    • ‘For these and other reasons, editors can depend on staffers to perform their duties with relative compliance.’
    • ‘Their members have staffers who can assess opinion by dealing with lobbyists and the press.’
    • ‘Most ad agencies are lucky to retain creative staffers for more than three or four years.’
    • ‘The presence of special staffers would certainly affect the existing government bureaucracy.’
    • ‘Fifty years ago, as a schoolboy, I was present at a lecture by a senior staffer from the London Times.’
    • ‘Also I suspect at least some of the selections were carefully vetted by campaign staffers to be as inoffensive as possible.’
    • ‘For the last couple of years, the newsroom has been unable to replace staffers who leave.’
    • ‘Copious leftover tickets were distributed to party staffers and youth to help paper the room.’
    • ‘The contracts of the temporary staffers had been terminated after the election.’
    • ‘On the surface, it appears that Big Blue is firing a huge quantity of staffers just to please shareholders.’
    • ‘The photographs on this page were taken by staffers from one such aid organization.’
    • ‘I realise that this officer was not a staffer, but the issue is an important issue for public administration.’
    • ‘It really started with a Government staffer who made a statement that all the social welfare stuff had been shelved.’
    • ‘Every staffer and volunteer was asked to discuss at length, and in great detail, all the aspects of their job.’
    • ‘We have a staffer of one judge receiving bad money; it was even caught on video and all.’
    • ‘Pombo staffers are telling constituents he couldn't make it to the meeting either.’
    • ‘We'll get a close up look at the young staffers who keep a presidential campaign rolling.’
    • ‘It is possible that a tape or notes of the call are already in the hands of committee staffers.’
    • ‘As a Senate staffer, I worked with a group of senators from both parties for such a compromise.’