Definition of staging post in English:

staging post


  • A place at which people, vehicles, or aircraft regularly stop when making a particular journey.

    ‘the island was used by the company as a staging post for its ships’
    ‘a staging post in the sport's history’
    • ‘It's very wild country and after nearly one hundred kilometres of this, the track arrives at Gangotri, the last staging post on the journey.’
    • ‘Britain was then mainly interested in the area as a staging post on routes to its empire further east.’
    • ‘Its 3,000 ft volcanic peaks make it unsuitable for agriculture or industry, but Britain colonised it almost 350 years ago as a staging post for shipping.’
    • ‘Switzerland was at best a temporary staging post for the money and was never its journey's end.’
    • ‘She recalled that the man, who was wearing a white bathing cap, was swimming towards the first buoy - the first staging post on his regular swim route to the Metal Man - when the jet ski passed very close to him at speed.’
    • ‘The Bull, as it is known locally, was the original coaching house of the borough and a staging post on the route to Ireland.’
    • ‘Once an important junction as a gateway to Yorkshire, the Lake District and Scotland, and a staging post for thousands of servicemen during the war, Carnforth fell into disrepair in the last part of the 20th century.’
    • ‘Salisbury was still a profitable centre for the cloth industry and an important staging post for London-bound traffic, with 52 coaches a week passing through the city by 1773.’
    • ‘Another place with no train line is the old staging post of Wetherby.’
    • ‘The IFA man said, the use of staging posts is essential and necessary for best animal welfare on journeys to continental destinations.’
    • ‘Of particular concern to Irish farmers are proposals to ban rests at staging posts, to reduce stocking densities and to alter journey times.’
    • ‘I believe that staging posts are essential for good animal welfare on journeys between Ireland and the continent.’
    • ‘Islands like Skye, Mull, Islay, Rathlin, Lambay near Dublin, provided ideal refuges for the early warbands searching out useful pirate lairs for winter bases and summer staging posts.’
    • ‘The project aims to discover how the birds - a smaller version of the curlew - use staging posts in Britain as they make their way from their African winter quarters to their breeding grounds in the far north.’
    • ‘Riders are in the saddle for seven hours per day and are only able to take on fuel or carry out repairs at set staging posts.’
    • ‘The success of the British in the Seven Years War, when they inflicted heavy losses on the French and seized Havana in Cuba, the staging post for the Spanish silver fleet on its return to Europe, sent shock waves throughout Europe.’
    • ‘Bohr's work was a vital step in the unfolding history of quantum physics, but it could be no more than a staging post on the way to the new quantum theory, a fully integrated and consistent account of these strange ideas.’
    • ‘But for a tiny minority, college is merely a staging post en route to the bigger prize: a spot in the NBA, America's professional league.’
    • ‘In the years since its 1988 release, Fisherman's Blues has been acknowledged as an important staging post in the rebirth of folk music, its ripples felt to this day.’
    • ‘If they lose an important staging post between the coasts it might cause the species some hardship.’


staging post