Definition of stained glass in English:

stained glass


mass noun
  • Coloured glass used to form decorative or pictorial designs, typically by setting contrasting pieces in a lead framework like a mosaic and used for church windows.

    as modifier ‘stained-glass windows’
    • ‘In addition to his sculptural work Ghiberti designed stained-glass windows.’
    • ‘In 1955 he designed stained-glass windows for Metz Cathedral.’
    • ‘Local lords and trade guilds made great donations of riches to ornament the cathedral, most notably, its unrivalled stained-glass windows.’
    • ‘The Anglican Cathedral in Hamilton is an elaborate Gothic structure with stained-glass windows and British oak sculpture.’
    • ‘The steeple of the priest's church stood tall, its four stained-glass windows unbroken by winds that lifted houses.’
    • ‘Over the past number of months, new stained-glass windows have been installed in the local Church and the project is now completed.’
    • ‘Our parishioner had lived through the removal, replacement and removal again of altars and stained-glass windows.’
    • ‘Few art forms display such raw, dramatic beauty as stained-glass windows catching the full light of the sun.’
    • ‘With its original fittings, stained-glass windows, horseshoe table and padded leather seats, it has the air of authority expected of a public office.’
    • ‘With stained-glass windows and dark oak panelling from floor to ceiling, it must be a glorious bolt-hole when the open fire is roaring in mid-winter.’
    • ‘The roof was re-slated with a large amount of salvaged tiles and the Harry Clarke stained-glass windows were stabilised.’
    • ‘The cafe, which is a listed building, opened in 1927 and features stained-glass windows by Harry Clarke.’
    • ‘The upstairs is still waiting to be decorated, but the living room, with its two large stained-glass windows, needed little to improve it.’
    • ‘However, on top of the hill sat an enormous, gothic-style mansion, with large stained-glass windows and a tall tower at the top.’
    • ‘Narrow stained-glass windows on the far wall cast multicolored shadows on the simple floor, showing that this room was on the outside wall.’
    • ‘Tapestries hung from the walls, and the firelight glinted on the many stained-glass windows.’
    • ‘St Chad's unique stained-glass windows attract their own visitors.’
    • ‘They are restoring scores of stained-glass windows at the John Rylands Library to their original condition.’
    • ‘Repairs also need to be carried out to secure the tower and keep the Victorian stained-glass window in the tower secure.’
    • ‘The church is simply furnished but is home to an outstanding stained-glass window.’


stained glass

/ˌsteɪnd ˈɡlɑːs/