Definition of Stakhanovist in English:


noun & adjective

See Stakhanovite

  • ‘The Stakhanovist textile workers get 500 rubles and more, the non-Stakhanovists, 150 rubles or less.’
  • ‘Along with being the first Stakhanovist of tennis, he had the asset of the intelligent game-play of a mathematician.’
  • ‘On top of it, the bureaucracy too accelerated the growth of a labor aristocracy by showering the Stakhanovists with gifts and privileges.’
  • ‘Meanwhile, the Stakhanovists themselves were urged to outdo their achievements.’
  • ‘It also includes highly skilled workers known as Stakhanovists, in honor of a worker who set new records of production.’



/stəˈkɑːnəvɪst/ /stəˈkanəvɪst/