Definition of staleness in English:



See stale

  • ‘This team has performed well in the last two years, but maybe there's a bit of staleness.’
  • ‘Burning herbs and spices still has a place in the home: not to mask staleness and bad odours as they did in those dank houses of the past, but to perfume the air with an enjoyable sweetness.’
  • ‘Even if you toast stale bread in an attempt to disguise the staleness, it's still stale.’
  • ‘All good things must come to an end, and when you've been doing a column as long as that there is always the danger of staleness, lack of new ideas, or sort of repeating successful formulas while on autopilot.’
  • ‘Finding new enthusiasm and challenges, which can prevent feelings of burnout or staleness, is another reason to travel.’