Definition of stalkerazzi in English:


Pronunciation /ˌstôkəˈrätsē/ /ˌstɔkəˈrɑtsi/

plural noun

  • Photojournalists who follow celebrities closely and persistently with the intention of obtaining sensational pictures.

    • ‘I think it's disgusting that they've done everything - the stalkerazzi have done everything possible to try and ruin their relationship.’
    • ‘The stalkerazzi, as I fondly like to call them wouldn't leave me alone.’
    • ‘Brad Cafarelli, a Cameron Diaz representative, has said this of pictures: ‘This is a case of a tabloid colliding with the stalkerazzi in an attempt to distort the truth and mislead the public.’’
    • ‘Oxford has noted several new formations such as videorazzi, stalkerazzi, and snapperazzi which have joined the already well-established paparazzi.’
    • ‘"It's about time somebody had the guts to take on one of these stalkerazzis," said Sunshine.’


From stalker + -azzi, on the pattern of paparazzi.



/ˌstôkəˈrätsē/ /ˌstɔkəˈrɑtsi/