Definition of stalky in English:


adjectivestalkier, stalkiest

See stalk

  • ‘And, once winter arrives, the stalky seed heads peek through the drifts of snow.’
  • ‘The stalky marshland plants huddle in dense bunches on uncultivated areas bordering South Florida's sugar farms.’
  • ‘A butterfly with wings spread dominates the foreground of Papilio oregonius, so that the swallow-tail's markings are clearly displayed, while stalky reeds part to frame the insect against distant sea and sky.’
  • ‘In its wild form, asparagus was a thin, stalky weed, but over the centuries growers have thickened it up and developed a succulent flavour.’
  • ‘This taste is often described as stalky, but if you ever, for whatever reason, happen to gnaw a mahogany sideboard you will recognise the taste.’