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  • An uncastrated adult male horse.

    ‘I was pleased to have several readers tell me they enjoyed reading my piece about the heavy horse stallions and the routes they followed in days gone by.’
    • ‘If the mares are not in foal to Kentucky stallions, it is difficult to get a really top price.’
    • ‘Nine of the 13 mares cataloged at Keeneland will be sold in foal to Shadwell-owned stallions.’
    • ‘Maria was 15 years old and bought Riley from a man in the city who bred and sold stallions and mares.’
    • ‘They bought a lot of very high-priced stallions and brood mares and so on from all around the world.’
    • ‘Any colt or filly who wins a Classic is likely to be much sought after as a stallion or brood mare.’
    • ‘Linear social hierarchies exist in herds with stallions being dominant.’
    • ‘The biggest risk is that almost the entire population is the product of as few as three stallions from the founder group.’
    • ‘In the meantime, the Jockey Club has typed stallions and mares in order to build an initial database.’
    • ‘The mare must foal in British Columbia and be bred back to a stallion standing in the province.’
    • ‘The main advantage is that the best stallion for your mare can be used irrespective of location.’
    • ‘Outside the breeding season the mares and stallions are kept separate otherwise the stallions fight to the death to win mating rights over the mares.’
    • ‘Dell thought the stallion should be retired and his foals could take over where he left off.’
    • ‘The horses can trace their ancestry back to the imported Arabian stallions of the 18th century and many of their riders wore period costumes.’
    • ‘Maronic plans to breed their own mares to primarily New York stallions.’
    • ‘From the start the bloodlines of Australian horses were strongly Arab with increasing influence from thoroughbred stallions.’
    • ‘The current roster has more than 50 stallions breeding on five continents.’
    • ‘Sadler's Wells, one of the most successful ever stallions, was bred at Sangster's Swettenham Stud.’
    • ‘Darley Stud has boosted the stud fees of three of its stallions for the 2004 breeding season.’
    • ‘Reproductive maturity is reached only at two to three years in mares and four to five years in stallions.’



/ˈstalyən/ /ˈstæljən/


Middle English from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old French estalon, from a derivative of a Germanic base shared by stall.