Definition of stalwartness in English:



See stalwart

  • ‘Mars in Leo and Venus in Virgo have very definite ideas and opinions, which added to your own Tauran stalwartness could conceivably tip this week's flexibility levels towards uncomfortable.’
  • ‘I would also like to thank Ramesh for his stalwartness and persistence in replying to Sullivan.’
  • ‘It's all there: Judas's betrayal, the disciples' cowardice, the stalwartness of the women, the scorn of the people, the indictment at the Sanhedrin, the spinelessness of Pilate, and the brutality of the Romans.’
  • ‘His stalwartness under barely imaginable conditions of pain and terror one can only look on with awe.’
  • ‘We will be calling to mind his courage, his stalwartness.’