Definition of stamp something out in English:

stamp something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Extinguish a fire by stamping on it.

    ‘he stamped out the flames before they could grow’
  • 2Suppress or put an end to something by taking decisive action.

    ‘urgent action is required to stamp out corruption’
    • ‘The Minister also said he would strengthen statutory bodies to stamp out criminality.’
    • ‘Any expression of working class independence or militancy, no matter how limited, was to be ruthlessly stamped out.’
    • ‘Dr Barry wants increased police patrols in the village to help stamp the problem out.’
    • ‘New by-laws are set to be introduced in the town to stamp out anti-social behaviour.’
    • ‘His charity, the Montel Williams Foundation, funds research to stamp out the disease.’
    • ‘Someone also had to take leadership on stamping out outdated attitudes.’
    • ‘At the same time they manage to stamp out any legitimate protests against social injustices.’
    • ‘The Romans did not succeed in stamping out any aspect of Egyptian religious magic.’
    • ‘The people trampling over Babylon, ignorantly stamping out the fragile remains of a centuries-old civilisation, were soldiers, not archaeologists.’
    • ‘Tens of millions were killed in these actions to stamp out democracy in the name of democracy.’
    put an end to, put a stop to, end, finish, get rid of, crush, put down, check, crack down on, weed out, curb, nip in the bud, scotch, squash, quash, quell, subdue, suppress, repress, quench, extinguish, stifle, abolish, eliminate, eradicate, terminate, beat, overcome, defeat, destroy, demolish, annihilate, wipe out, extirpate
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