Definition of stampeder in English:



See stampede

  • ‘Aboard the boat are the cast, now transformed into characters loosely based on actual stampeders.’
  • ‘It took two years for word to get around and for the stampeders, or cheekakos, to come flooding into the area in what was not the largest, but the last and undeniably the most exasperating, of the great gold rushes.’
  • ‘Low Dog and Black Fox led the 25 Oglala lodges, all drawn from the Oyuhpe band stampeders who fled Red Cloud Agency immediately after Crazy Horse's death.’
  • ‘The Chilkoot was unbelievably steep, and the stampeders were staggering under huge burdens.’
  • ‘Jack London knew that most of the stampeders weren't going to beat winter. he did the math.’