Definition of stamping ground in English:

stamping ground

Pronunciation /ˈstampiNG ˌɡround/ /ˈstæmpɪŋ ˌɡraʊnd/

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another term for stomping ground
‘Next morning, feeling this may end up being Anna's stamping ground, I wander the cobbled streets that link l' Ile de la Cité to Boulevard St Michel and then Boulevard St Germain.’
another term for stomping ground
  • ‘But the Dolly Blues will feel they could have done better after dominating the opening stages of the affair at manager Phil Wilson's old Bower Fold stamping ground.’
  • ‘Driving the quiet country lanes was a pleasure, revealing as it did a landscape that appeared little changed perhaps even since it was Shakespeare's stamping ground.’
  • ‘Easterhouse is nearer McLetchie's Pentlands stamping ground than Duncan Smith's Essex constituency.’
  • ‘Actually, I think I saw Doherty in his Shepherd's Bush stamping ground a few weeks ago, looking dapper in his red tunic.’
  • ‘For new GMB Dons skipper Wayne Broadhurst the trip means a quick return to his old West Row stamping ground.’
  • ‘Matt's usual stamping ground is in some of the best known house music clubs in Britain.’
  • ‘Working his way from the coast, Joe Wynn finally arrived in the vicinity of his antagonist's stamping ground in the hinterland of Turkey Creek across the border in Western Australia.’
  • ‘Star forward Adrian Morley, making a return to his old Leeds stamping ground after a three-year absence, came off after 29 minutes with what was described as a slight ‘dead leg’.’
  • ‘Should Manchester United reassert their status against Exeter City, Steve McLaren will take his charges back to his former Old Trafford stamping ground for a crunch 4th Round cup tie.’
  • ‘In the summer of 2000 Max Stafford-Clark and the actor-playwright Robin Soans revisited Andrea Dunbar's stamping ground in Bradford, and talked to the locals.’
  • ‘And where better to start than here in her old East German stamping ground, where the Saxony folk still refer to her warmly as ‘our Katarina’?’
  • ‘His last year of sampling marginally overlaps Boyce's stamping ground, which begins in 1870.’