Definition of stand on ceremony in English:

stand on ceremony


  • usually with negative Insist on the observance of formalities.

    ‘we don't stand on ceremony in this house’
    • ‘But while lavish in his praise for tonight's visitors to Bootham Crescent, the City chief is adamant his side will not stand on ceremony.’
    • ‘I've found that sometimes it doesn't pay to stand on ceremony.’
    • ‘They don't stand on ceremony at Central Park of a Saturday when it's time for the stock-car racing to begin.’
    • ‘From the beginning it was clear that while traditions would be respected, this was no place to stand on ceremony.’
    • ‘He was never someone to stand on ceremony or circumstance even if this was his last domestic game of rugby.’
    • ‘The students treat Hawking with playful irreverence; there is no standing on ceremony or elitism here.’
    • ‘It was like a black knight protecting an overlarge magistrate, and the expression on its countenance told Ferry that its owner didn't want to be here standing on ceremony.’
    • ‘At many workplaces, such fine divisions of job responsibility could easily backfire, with people standing on ceremony about exactly what is and is not their job.’
    • ‘You must not stand on ceremony with me, or I shall find you exceedingly boring.’
    • ‘She seems completely approachable, she doesn't stand on ceremony and she comes across as totally interested in what you're saying.’