Definition of stand over in English:

stand over

phrasal verb

  • 1Stand close to (someone) so as to watch, supervise, or intimidate them.

    ‘matron stood over them while they had their dreaded wash with cold water’
    • ‘For the time being it leaves the establishments with no choice other than to stand over customers and supervise their use of the portable chip and PIN machines.’
    • ‘He stood over her, just watching her, just waiting for her to understand.’
    • ‘He stood over her quietly, watching as her shoulders rose and fell with each breath.’
    • ‘He reached her bed and stood over her silently, watching her rib cage move up and down slowly as she breathed.’
    • ‘Looking up, she noticed that a figure was standing over her, watching her carefully.’
    • ‘It was a good place to rest, and she didn't feel so intimidating as she did standing over him.’
    • ‘He simply developed the knowledge that someone was standing over him, watching him work.’
    • ‘He just stands over my bed silently, watching me with this terrible reproach in his eyes.’
    • ‘He was going to stand over her with a constant watch, until he was sure nothing was happening that he couldn't control.’
    • ‘Cameron's eyes narrowed and he came to stand over her, his posture intimidating.’
    1. 1.1Australian Intimidate or threaten (someone) in order to extort money from them.
      ‘courageous shopkeepers are refusing to be stood over by teenage extortionists’
      • ‘The judge said his crimes against two victims he had threatened and stood over was "disturbingly violent behaviour".’
      • ‘A prominent Brisbane hairdresser was allegedly stood over by bikies.’
      • ‘Earlier that month he was accused of standing over the Bohemian Club, wanting £10 a week for its protection.’
      • ‘There are legitimate operators who have tried to start up tattoo parlours but have been firebombed out of there or stood over by groups in those areas.’
      • ‘He was charged earlier this month with extortion and assault after allegedly standing over a Campbellfield real estate agent.’
  • 2stand over" or "stand something overBe postponed or postpone to be dealt with at a later date.

    ‘a number of points were stood over to a further meeting’
    • ‘Is there utility in standing the matter over to a fixed date?’
    • ‘So the committal proceedings were stood over until the afternoon on 14th May.’
    • ‘I do recollect, now, that the summons was stood over.’
    • ‘In effect, her Honour stood the applications over until the applications for special leave had been heard.’
    • ‘Justice Kirby stood the matter over generally pending the outcome of the decisions on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Your Honour, I am very grateful to the Court for standing the matter over until 3.00 pm and I am grateful to my learned friends for consenting.’
    • ‘So I think I should probably stand your application over to the Full Court, but in the meantime do refine your submissions and I will incorporate you in the timetable.’
    • ‘If I were to stand the matter over until Monday next, what would you say?’
    • ‘Should we stand this matter over part heard and allow you to make any application you are advised to make to the Court of Appeal?’
    • ‘So far as your appeal is concerned, we intend to stand it over.’
    put to one side, lay aside, pigeonhole, stay, stand over, keep in abeyance, suspend, mothball