Definition of stand surety in English:

stand surety


  • Become a surety; stand bail.

    ‘Alfonso agreed to stand surety for his friend's behaviour’
    • ‘I understand that a family member would have stood surety.’
    • ‘He said that his client's father was in court and that his client's mother, who is the present applicant, was prepared to stand surety for his client in the sum of £100,000.’
    • ‘All that is required is that the wife offer to stand surety for the husband's business debt.’
    • ‘For this, they obtained a loan of one-and-a-half million CFP from the bank, for which the seven civil servant members stood surety.’
    • ‘The cooperative is now able to stand surety with the bank for the starting capital and, subsequently, the individuals concerned have to manage on their own.’