Definition of standardly in English:



See standard

‘any natural law theory standardly requires a form of rational justification’
  • ‘Philosophical thinking in children can hardly be seen as primitive or early-stage efforts to develop a capacity that adults normally and standardly have in a mature form.’
  • ‘It probably is only an historical accident that we standardly speak of ‘normative ethics’ but not of ‘normative epistemology’.’
  • ‘Apparently, reviews of Ms. Vida's work standardly mention that she's married to Dave Eggers well before anything actually pertaining to the work itself.’
  • ‘It is standardly translated as ‘happiness’ or ‘flourishing’ and occasionally as ‘well-being.’’
  • ‘Second, punishments are intended to be painful or burdensome, whereas civil damages are not (indeed, this is standardly cited as a defining feature of punishment).’