Definition of standfirst in English:



  • A brief introductory summary of an article in a newspaper or on a website, typically appearing immediately after the headline and typographically distinct from the rest of the article.

    ‘the headline and standfirst were changed to clarify that the issue affects the wider UK fishing industry, not just Grimsby’
    • ‘The standfirst lied, as he didn't "find out" anything at all.’
    • ‘The standfirst on this piece was amended after it was pointed out that the original version did not accurately represent either the views of the author or the judgment of the schools adjudicator.’
    • ‘Errors were made during the editing process which meant the original headline, standfirst, and first two paragraphs were incorrect.’
    • ‘We misspelled the author's name in the standfirst and body text of the article above.’
    • ‘The court was also told that the risk of prejudicing the trial was increased because the headline and standfirst gave no indication he would be the subject of the article.’
    • ‘The standfirst of this piece was edited to reflect the fact that the consultation refers to England's public forests, not Britain's.’
    • ‘Why, oh why, did the writer of the standfirst give away the punchline?’
    • ‘The headline and standfirst of this article were changed in accordance with editorial guidelines.’
    • ‘The standfirst is unfortunately ambiguous.’
    • ‘It is a ludicrous standfirst and is clearly not connected to anything that's likely to happen in the real world.’