Definition of standing crop in English:

standing crop


  • 1A growing crop, especially of a cereal.

    ‘we have to avoid livestock and standing crops’
    • ‘Ridges are usually reformed yearly by cultivation of the standing crop in June.’
    • ‘Before tax was levied on the harvested crop, the land was surveyed and the standing crop was measured.’
    • ‘Crop circles are areas of standing crops that have been flattened in the shape of a circle, or more complex designs’
    • ‘Some have managed to take an interest in their land and make it productive, but many have simply reaped the standing crop and then left the land derelict.’
    • ‘The standing crop in the farms destroyed or looted.’
  • 2Ecology
    The total biomass of an ecosystem or any of its components at a given time.

    ‘the low standing crop of phytoplankton in oceanic areas’
    • ‘The early downward drift of carbon dioxide levels may be explained as the gradual accumulation of a standing crop of plant biomass in and around fresh waters and tidal regions.’
    • ‘Importance of grazing as a cause of spatial variation in food abundance is further supported by substantially greater removal of vegetation by geese in areas with lowest standing crops.’
    • ‘Low water temperatures in early spring also result in lower standing crops of macro-invertebrates in prairie wetlands than after conditions become more moderate.’
    • ‘Grasshoppers are the dominant invertebrate herbivores in this field, comprising 75-85% of total herbivore live standing crop.’
    • ‘Goslings of colonial nesting species often travel considerable distances to feeding areas with relatively higher standing crops of forage.’