Definition of standing desk in English:

standing desk


  • A desk designed to be used by a person standing upright.

    ‘since the beginning of December I've been working at a standing desk’
    • ‘Dave decided late last year to switch to a standing desk setup.’
    • ‘The workstation is something of a hybrid between an adjustable-height desk and a standing desk.’
    • ‘I did a full on leap for joy, because I have a standing desk.’
    • ‘Another lifestyle change that will burn off calories with very little time investment: get a standing desk.’
    • ‘Initially he jotted these down on index cards and stored them in a shoebox within handy reach of his standing desk.’
    • ‘In a perfect world, you would be getting exercise while you work; standing desks and even treadmill desks are sold as magical productivity enhancers.’
    • ‘I converted to a standing desk last year, and it really does help you stay fit.’
    • ‘I've had a bunch of knee surgeries, so I'm a big standing desk user.’
    • ‘In this section, we'll take a look at a few standing desks you can build for minimal money.’
    • ‘Standing desks are just taller desks, so you really just need a wide platform that rises up a little higher.’
    • ‘They talked about everything from the pros and cons of standing desks to the best video game of the year.’