Definition of standing room in English:

standing room


mass noun
  • Space available for people to stand rather than sit in a passenger vehicle or building.

    ‘the stadium has standing room for 12,000 supporters’
    ‘it is standing room only in this small bar’
    • ‘With the building full to standing room only as he delivers his spiel, there is a definite air of sanctity and reverence.’
    • ‘We frequently hear that during rush hour many passengers are left with standing room only.’
    • ‘He soon had the assembled crowds dancing and swaying on whatever standing room was available.’
    • ‘It was standing room only at the Terrace on the Park overlooking Flushing Meadows in Queens.’
    • ‘We have barely had standing room in the waiting area.’
    • ‘In other news, it appears to be standing room only in the room.’
    • ‘Gaelic Park offered standing room only following a wet and rainy morning as the afternoon gave way to a sun-drenched afternoon.’
    • ‘There is sitting room for two and standing room for a few more.’
    • ‘The church holds about 500 people and it was standing room only.’
    • ‘It was literally standing room only, with every available seat filled, and many spilling over into the surrounding galleries.’
    • ‘By mid afternoon the decks of the park were standing room only, and it was not uncommon to see a spectator fall into the bowls.’
    • ‘The Dance Theatre has steeply raked seating for 180 people plus ample standing room.’
    • ‘We were herded into less and less space until it was standing room only, rush-hour train levels of personal space.’
    • ‘It's traditional standing room terraces for those who don't wish to sit in the stands.’
    • ‘On festivals and special occasions it can be standing room only at the Roman Catholic church of St Mary and St Joseph in Pocklington so yesterday work started to extend it.’
    • ‘There will be seating for 35,000, standing room for thousands more and even a free park and ride scheme to keep traffic problems to a minimum.’
    • ‘The department is struggling to cope with demand, with standing room only at times in its small waiting room.’
    • ‘The stadium opened that year with 125,000 seats and standing room for an estimated 30,000.’
    • ‘I have never seen as many people on parade and to see the church with standing room only was a fantastic achievement.’
    • ‘However the Withington service is so overstretched there is standing room only in the waiting room.’


standing room