Definition of stanzaic in English:


Pronunciation /stanˈzā-ik/


See stanza

‘The play is written in verse which varies between alternately rhyming quatrains and stanzaic form, the effect being lyric rather than dramatic.’
  • ‘I suggest therefore that the stanzaic form of ‘Ode’ is reminiscent of Spender's practice in Poems.’
  • ‘However, sequences in his last three books juxtapose different strophic and stanzaic patterns, prose and verse, relatively coherent narrative elements, dream elements, and fragments of meditation.’
  • ‘The amhrán or song metres have a richly assonated stanzaic form, and are also accentual.’
  • ‘It's presented, on the back cover, as a ‘sonnet sequence,’ and nearly all the poems, though of varying stanzaic configurations, are fourteen lines in length.’