Definition of stapelia in English:



  • A succulent African plant with large star-shaped fleshy flowers that have bold markings and a fetid smell of rotting meat that attracts pollinating flies.

    Genus Stapelia, family Asclepiadaceae

    • ‘There are several succulents: crown of thorns, Madagascar palms, stapelias, optunia sublata to name a few.’
    • ‘The official name is stapelia leendertziae and it started blooming about 3 weeks ago.’
    • ‘The garden has fairly comprehensive collections of succulent plants like haworthias, gasterias, stapelias, huernias, duvalias, adeniums, pachypodiums, tylecodons, lithops and other mesembs.’
    • ‘With the first rains, the seemingly arid soil of the Upper Karoo bursts into abundant life, its hardy succulents - aloes, crassulas and stapelias - complementing the sweet grasses on which the region's myriad merino and fat-tailed sheep graze.’
    • ‘Other prominent succulent plant families include Euphorbiaceae, Asclepiadaceae (milkweeds and stapelias), Aloaceae and Portulacaceae (portulaca).’


Modern Latin, named after Jan Bode von Stapel (died 1636), Dutch botanist.