Definition of staphylinid in English:



  • A beetle of a family (Staphylinidae ) that comprises the rove beetles.

    • ‘Significant differences were noted in 2 years for carabids and staphylinids and one year for spiders.’
    • ‘Several taxa were reared for the first time, numerous new state records of staphylinids were made and experience was gained in rearing and maintaining beetles in laboratory settings.’
    • ‘Such peculiarities in combination with great reproductive potential and other advanced features of holometabolous insects make staphylinids an evolutionarily very successful animal group.’
    • ‘Both institutions have a very long tradition of research on staphylinids and house important historical collections of rove beetles with a considerable number of historical type specimens.’
    • ‘Several species of staphylinids are known from this region.’


Late 19th century from modern Latin Staphylinidae (plural), from the genus name Staphylinus, from Greek staphulinos, denoting a kind of insect.



/ˌstafɪˈlɪnɪd/ /ˌstafɪˈlʌɪnɪd/