Definition of star-nosed mole in English:

star-nosed mole


  • A mole with a number of fleshy radiating tentacles around its nostrils, native to northeastern North America.

    Condylura cristata, family Talpidae

    ‘There, in addition to star-nosed moles, he inevitably encounters shrews, voles, weasels, field mice, and the occasional snapping turtle.’
    • ‘Hoping that an analysis of living species could provide insights into the star-nosed mole's past, we began to examine other moles from around the world.’
    • ‘The star-nosed mole prefers wet, swampy ground and subsists on a diet of worms, insects, and crustaceans.’
    • ‘In addition to big insects, such as earthworms or crickets, star-nosed moles added these small prey to their diet.’
    • ‘Despite its distinctive appearance people rarely see star-nosed moles because they live only in marshes and wetlands.’


star-nosed mole

/stär nōzd mōl/ /stɑr noʊzd moʊl/