Definition of star-spangled in English:



  • 1literary Covered, glittering, or decorated with stars.

    ‘the star-spangled horizon’
    • ‘It makes me aware of my own mortality and I feel like a child looking into the vast, star-spangled night sky, feeling very small and insignificant.’
    • ‘With the canopy of a star-spangled sky, the frozen stillness of stone entrapping centuries of history, and the soft sound of the waters, it is truly an experience that belongs to the realm of the unforgettable.’
    • ‘I have stood on the summit of Ben Nevis in winter after completing a snow-and-ice climb, and looked down on the twinkling lights of Fort William, with a star-spangled firmament above.’
    • ‘Outfitted in a star-spangled costume, with her muscular shoulders and her black hair piled high, Pages looks like a 105-pound flyweight version of Wonder Woman.’
    • ‘On this occasion though, they were out in the open just after dark and Spencer Jones was admiring the brilliant star-spangled sky.’
    1. 1.1Impressively successful.
      ‘a star-spangled career’
      • ‘In a star-spangled career stretching nearly forty years Derek McCann has stonewalled every single team that has participated in Section One of the Northern Cricket Union.’
      • ‘So does Clark's star-spangled resume make him electable, or does his political inexperience doom him to defeat?’
      • ‘If you believe your children have a star-spangled future, give them nice straightforward, easy-to-spell names before they burden an entire generation with unfortunate handles.’
    2. 1.2Used humorously with reference to the American national flag and a perceived American identity.
      ‘star-spangled decency’
      • ‘It moved Lady Bird Johnson to become an environmentalist and Jimmy Carter to build houses for the poor and it is a social patriotism which is star-spangled Americanism at its most authentic.’
      • ‘Specialists on American flag culture agree that the earliest roots of star-spangled sentiment lay not in the Revolution but in the country's second war with England.’
      • ‘Since the days of rousing Fourth of July orators on village greens, Americans have heard uplifting patriotic stories on this star-spangled holiday.’
      • ‘Here then, is America on the cusp of the millennia; star-spangled glory and the hope for the free world.’
      • ‘In fact all his mechanics had Stars and Stripes kit - they were truly the star-spangled spanners this weekend.’
      • ‘The triumph of the American chardonnays was even greater, with Grgich's Chateau Montalena well ahead of the pack and other star-spangled whites in third and fourth place.’
      • ‘Making like a star-spangled version of Paul Hogan, the president can now be seen shilling for the U.S. travel and tourism industry in a new TV commercial.’
      • ‘No one's privacy is being invaded, no family's feeling are trampled, since we don't know who's inside each star-spangled casket.’
      • ‘Krakow's students, who, 70,000 in all, make up a tenth of the city's population, have taken to star-spangled capitalism like swans to the river.’