Definition of star-studded in English:



  • 1(of the night sky) filled with stars.

    ‘a luminous star-studded sky’
    • ‘Streamers of wispy cloud trundled elegantly past the window as if they were clearing the screen so that our eyes could feast on our very own slice of clear star-studded sky.’
    • ‘The sky was star-studded, dinner cruise boats were gliding by, there was a live band playing My Way and I was feeling good!’
    • ‘Overhead, the Milky Way washed across a star-studded sky, while out to sea a perfect crescent moon rose in honour of the Turkish flag.’
    • ‘There were after-dinner drinks round the campfire in the Okavango, under a star-studded sky.’
    • ‘Another panther cried out in response to the first, and it echoed through the forest, sending birds winging into the star-studded sky.’
    • ‘When lighting illuminates a star-studded sky, we are exhilarated.’
    • ‘She sighed and lay back, staring up at the black, star-studded sky.’
    • ‘A small black sliver of star-studded sky ran between the brick cliff-faces of the old buildings.’
    • ‘We join overnight guests in the outdoor pool where we look for meteors in the crystal clear, star-studded sky.’
    • ‘I just let the wine warm me as I let my mind wander across the star-studded sky.’
    • ‘Fox stared stonily ahead, watching the grey of false dawn filter into the star-studded sky, ever aware of the orange glow behind him.’
    • ‘Twinkle lights filled the ceiling of the auditorium so that when you looked up, you had the illusion of sitting beneath a star-studded night sky.’
    • ‘Gazing at a star-studded night sky is a truly beautiful and hypnotic experience.’
    • ‘By its side, we toasted marshmallows over the campfire and gazed at the star-studded night skies.’
    • ‘I slowly followed suit, laying down beside him and casting my eyes up into the star-studded sky that was around us.’
    • ‘She stared out into the star-studded night sky and sighed.’
    • ‘Chilly evenings and star-studded clear night skies offer a perfect backdrop for late night partying during the season.’
    • ‘With a stage set which switched from an ocean liner to a city skyline to a star-studded night and costume changes galore, this was a pure pop show right from the start.’
    • ‘We get a lot of star-studded nights down here and we have the outdoor fireplace, so it's nice to be able to sit outside in the evenings and enjoy a glass of wine.’
    • ‘For hours they danced, past the setting of the sun and long into the star-studded night.’
  • 2informal Featuring a number of famous people, especially actors or sports players.

    ‘a star-studded cast’
    • ‘And although it's a star-studded cast, the actors seem content to step back and make the characters take over.’
    • ‘It has been reported that the Spanish club is eying up the England captain as an addition to its already star-studded line-up of players.’
    • ‘As the Colorado Avalanche, the former Nordiques have one of the game's most star-studded line-ups and are a perennial power.’
    • ‘It is likely that touting the film's star-studded cast was the easiest - or the only - way to get people in the door.’
    • ‘Tickets for the star-studded night cost £5 and are available from Pennington's box office.’
    • ‘But overall, it was a star-studded night with Hollywood and Washington's elite.’
    • ‘At last night's star-studded launch a 10-minute video was shown to hundreds of guests in the centre of Leeds.’
    • ‘Jobson hosted a star-studded night in Edinburgh for his new film A Woman in Winter.’
    • ‘Thursday night saw a star-studded premiere of a different kind on the small screen.’
    • ‘Samantha Mumba jetted home to Dublin last night for the star-studded premiere of her first movie The Time Machine.’
    • ‘Indeed, it was a star-studded gala event filled with laughs, tears, tickles, and fears.’
    • ‘BBC Local Radio and Regional Television also join in the fun on the night with star-studded events in the regions.’
    • ‘The campaign kicks off in September and climaxes in a star-studded night on BBC ONE.’
    • ‘Last night was the star-studded opening night for ‘Spamalot’ the musical.’
    • ‘A star-studded evening it would be as some Tollywood stars are expected to turn up at the event, and the movie-crazy Hyderabadis can have their own share of fun.’
    • ‘Movies The Aviator and Vera Drake dominated the star-studded 51st British Academy of Film and Television Awards last night.’
    • ‘Country star Tim McGraw is headlining tomorrow's star-studded concert for hurricane relief.’
    • ‘Showbiz Tonight sits down with some of the stars of that star-studded cast.’
    • ‘In the star-studded affair, the major star clearly was Amitabh Bachchan.’
    • ‘The Queen began her Golden Jubilee bank holiday celebrations with a star-studded Prom at Buckingham Palace on Saturday night.’