Definition of star stream in English:

star stream


  • A systematic drift of stars in the same general direction within a galaxy.

    ‘We measure the stars’ velocities and search for star streams from past galaxy mergers.’
    • ‘Researchers suspect that Sagittarius will one day resemble the star streams and clumps being reported Thursday.’
    • ‘Many astronomers believe that star streams such as Hercules - stars that move at the same velocity in a band or stream - are thought to be remnants of those mergers.’
    • ‘A consortium of researchers from three continents - called the ‘Spaghetti Collaboration’ - found new evidence suggesting the existence of three more star streams in the outer galaxy.’
    • ‘I will review streams associated with known Milky Way satellites and star streams whose progenitors are still unknown, and discuss how the streams can be used to study the Milky Way's dark halo.’
    • ‘The unexpected finding from the Hipparcos mission is that even very old stars, which have been buffeted by all manner of random gravitational fields, are concentrated into star streams.’
    • ‘This will include discussion of various programs to map the Sagittarius and other halo star streams as well as observations of potential stream progenitors: dwarf spheroidal galaxies and star clusters.’
    • ‘Dave Starinshak is working on discovering and modeling star streams in the Milky Way halo.’


star stream

/stär strēm/ /stɑr strim/