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‘In May, the FISA court starchily rejected the Justice Department's proposed new guidelines.’
  • ‘The dullest piece here is a starchily respectful profile of Krishna Menon, the high commissioner in London for the Dominion of India.’
  • ‘And there's at least one goofy-great moment, as Sagnier coaxes Rampling to starchily bop around to a thumping techno song with the refrain of ‘Let's do it!’’
  • ‘Still, the way the insolent and foul-mouthed Tora and the starchily patronizing Selma go from hostility to sisterhood is not without interest.’
  • ‘The inspector starchily assures him that his comments will be passed on.’



/ˈstärCHəlē/ /ˈstɑrtʃəli/