Definition of starchitect in English:



informal, mainly derogatory
  • A famous or high-profile architect.

    • ‘The future historians of the built environment of Blairism won't be consulting back issues of AD or the glossy monographs of the starchitect.’
    • ‘There are far worse fates for American art than to be hung in a public museum - especially one designed by starchitect Moshe Safdie.’
    • ‘The grad program at Columbia in the mid-1990s...was less a school of architecture than a breeding ground for young starchitects.’
    • ‘The starchitects thus acknowledge that modernism failed in its crucial mission of providing a new architectural canon that would make man at home in his brave new world.’
    • ‘In a recent speaking tour of architecture schools, I talked about the lack of social program in the work of the current Starchitects.’
    • ‘This really sets him apart from other starchitects.’
    • ‘A few other bigger name starchitects were speaking too, but i think Michael's lecture was the most interesting.’
    • ‘It may also be a sign of the times for him and other "starchitects" who find they have a lot more idle hours these days.’
    • ‘The building was designed by Jose Rafael Moneo of Spain, one of the most respected figures in contemporary architecture, who has stolen quietly into New York with little of the fanfare that usually greets a "starchitect."’
    • ‘In an age obsessed with celebrity, the glitz of our 'starchitects,' backed by large staffs and copious public relations support, dominate the headlines.’
    • ‘Safdie's play questions the starchitect phenomenon: a young Korean graduate architecture student presents her final thesis to a jury of two famous architects and her own professor.’
    • ‘It disgusts me that "starchitects" like him are the de facto voice for our profession when it comes to the public eye.’
    • ‘The $8.6 billion complex on the Strip includes work by such other "starchitects" or celebrity designers as Norman Foster, Cesar Pelli, and Rafael Vinoly.’
    • ‘Whatever the computer's conceptual role, computer-aided design and digitally-programmed machinery do in fact make the starchitects' crazy geometries possible.’
    • ‘Every once in a while a building comes along that fulfills your faith that architecture can be a noble profession, not just a parade of street-walking 'starchitects' who strut their signature styles around the globe.’
    • ‘He showed up in New Orleans last week with some starchitects, talking about green apartment buildings that take river water and run it through turbines for cheap, clean power.’
    • ‘It's a who's-who list of starchitects, given free build a no-budget pavilion with few programmatic requirements.’
    • ‘Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of HdM and think they are one of the only starchitects out there today who are worth a damn.’
    • ‘That flexibility, a welcome departure from the ego-driven era of the starchitect, is one of the most appealing aspects of Think's plan.’
    • ‘The 76-story mixed-used building designed by starchitect Frank Gehry will attract residents and retail to downtown Manhattan.’



/ˈstärkəˌtek(t)/ /ˈstɑrkəˌtɛk(t)/


1940s (denoting a film star who has designed a house): blend of star (sense 3 of the noun) and architect.