Definition of stare someone in the eye in English:

stare someone in the eye


(also stare someone in the face)
  • Look fixedly or boldly at someone.

    ‘I stared him straight in the eye but he didn't recognize me’
    • ‘The reporter was stunned by an official staring him in the eye and telling a straight lie.’
    • ‘It makes you work - the bad review staring you in the face.’
    • ‘It's logical not to want a soulless existence in an air-conditioned office, with a PC staring you in the face and stack of returns to input.’
    • ‘When it eventually settles, you're left with a couple of inches of white stuff staring you in the face.’
    • ‘They are designed so wherever you stand they are staring you in the eye.’
    • ‘But there it was, staring me in the face - the bagel.’
    • ‘Eventually she'll be staring me in the eye.’
    • ‘Little did she realise that a month later, she would be asleep on the sofa and look up to see him staring her in the face.’
    • ‘You'll just erect a huge, ugly billboard that stares them in the face as they drive past it every day, forcing their parents to explain what the sign is about.’
    • ‘Moments later and Marcelle was staring Fettis in the face again.’