Definition of staring contest in English:

staring contest


  • 1A game in which two people maintain eye contact for as long as possible, the loser being the one who is the first to blink or look away.

    ‘do you think you can beat me in a staring contest?’
    • ‘What they imagine is a penetrating gaze is a little like having a staring contest with a cat.’
    • ‘My eyes locked with my brother's in a staring contest.’
    • ‘We were both shaking now, embroiled in a tense staring contest.’
    • ‘She was the first to turn away from their staring contest.’
    • ‘They were having a staring contest in the middle of the dance.’
    1. 1.1A confrontation between two parties in which neither side is prepared to back down.
      ‘the federal government has officially shut down, as lawmakers in Washington refuse to budge in the latest staring contest’
      • ‘In a presidential staring contest, he would win any day.’
      • ‘This Sony video format, having won a staring contest with rival HD DVD, is now officially the next generation in home entertainment.’
      • ‘Initially his decision appeared as if he was the first to blink in a staring contest with the former president.’
      • ‘Regarding the fate of the compromise package, you can just see this is a staring contest.’
      • ‘This year's network upfront market is turning into a very expensive staring contest between buyers and sellers.’