Definition of stark raving mad in English:

stark raving mad

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(also British stark staring mad)
  • Completely crazy.

    • ‘for heaven's sake Bruce, have you gone stark raving mad?’
    • ‘If you lived next to some of these sites you would go stark staring mad.’
    • ‘The world of advertising has gone stark staring mad.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Lawrence O'Donnell - in the true spirit of Kerry supporters everywhere - has gone stark raving mad.’
    • ‘Assuming, if you will, that I'm not stark raving mad, there clearly has been some sort of change in the way these sorts of comics are written and drawn.’
    • ‘Sometimes I look at something, and suddenly I'm more convinced than ever that the world has gone absolutely stark raving mad.’
    • ‘I swear if I had to stay home every day that I would go stark raving mad.’
    • ‘If I don't see Julia soon, I'll go stark staring mad.’
    • ‘They drove the Dutch stark staring mad over tulips.’
    • ‘‘The fertility drugs made me feel as if I were stark raving mad,’ Christine remembers.’
    • ‘The government appears to have gone stark raving mad.’
    completely, totally, utterly, absolutely, downright, dead, entirely, wholly, fully, quite, altogether, simply, thoroughly, truly