Definition of starkly in English:


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  • 1In a way that is severe or harsh in appearance or outline.

    ‘the scar stood out starkly against his bronzed skin’
    • ‘a starkly lit warehouse’
    • ‘This enthralling scene unfolds against a starkly white sky.’
    • ‘They began using colour expressively, rather than to define space on the canvas, painting starkly simplified landscapes in brilliant colours.’
    • ‘The most graphic and abstract of the works on display had predominantly white images starkly silhouetted against dark backgrounds.’
    • ‘Narrow decks with ship-like railings look down on a starkly plain, half-moon courtyard, empty except for two dead trees.’
    • ‘A delicate paper triptych used pencil and blood to define three starkly outlined, centralized flowers.’
    1. 1.1In an unpleasantly or sharply clear way.
      ‘her motivations contrast starkly with Clara's’
      • ‘their ordeal starkly illustrates an inescapable reality’
      • ‘the class divisions of the country were starkly revealed’
      • ‘The company's hardball approach has starkly highlighted the way America's tobacco politics have come to Britain.’
      • ‘They are singing their praises for the starkly dualistic moral judgements that have defined this administration's foreign policy.’
      • ‘She had written Nin a starkly honest letter in which she revealed how important Nin's work was to her.’
      • ‘The growth of economic inequality has been starkly evident in the auto industry.’
      • ‘The government's capacity to respond to crises has been severely eroded, a fact that has emerged starkly in recent days.’



/ˈstärklē/ /ˈstɑrkli/