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‘The political arena often produces heated exchanges and the starkness of the voting system produces winners and losers.’
  • ‘The starkness of the moral choice is utterly compelling: do you both die or do you, in effect, kill your companion?’
  • ‘For instance, if your suite and other furnishings conspire to create a more comfortable and traditional look, the starkness of the new window treatment will dominate the look and it will appear unfinished by comparison.’
  • ‘At times, this movie becomes less of a tale about baseball and more of a tale of disadvantaged children who want to forget about the starkness of the real world by losing themselves on a baseball diamond for a few hours each week.’
  • ‘With four new songs Tori exudes the same haunting effect she's had throughout the years, from trip-hoppish dirges to the starkness and simplicity of piano and vocal to full band.’



/ˈstärknəs/ /ˈstɑrknəs/