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  • A young actress with aspirations to become a star.

    • ‘a Hollywood starlet’
    • ‘The film industry too has a seen an increase in number of actresses and starlets.’
    • ‘‘We are here to identify the potential in you,’ Gautam Pavate, choreographer, promised the young stars and starlets, who had enthusiastically signed up for the summer workshop.’
    • ‘She accurately told the FBI that Welles was broke and that he was cheating on his wife, the beautiful movie star Rita Hayworth, with a string of starlets and showgirls.’
    • ‘Success as a model led Chambers to Hollywood, but Marilyn soon became disgusted with the casting couch mentality young starlets are often subject too.’
    • ‘There will be the usual posters of film stars and starlets looking alternatively menacing and pouting.’
    • ‘Young starlets are needed to perform before a pantomime audience of 1,500.’
    • ‘What's happened here to rising starlets Patricia Fagan and Brandon McGibbon?’
    • ‘As Lily Garland, Anne Heche suggests a B-movie starlet rather than a peremptory diva.’
    • ‘After one particularly bland interview, a reporter waspishly criticized the starlet.’
    • ‘Nubile starlet Skye Davidson, the lead actress in novelist Joe's directorial debut, rings to RSVP for the party - an addition to the guest list not sanctioned by Sally.’
    • ‘This year the starlet chosen to perform on the opening day was young Sudharma Vaidhyanathan, a disciple of Guru Adyar Laxman.’
    • ‘On the other hand, Summers and Swan seem to revel in recounting Sinatra's myriad encounters with stars, starlets and prostitutes, some of them surfacing for the first time in 50 years with their tales of joy and pain.’
    • ‘At the same time, legions of articles, news features, and TV specials are crammed with stories of high-profile white stars, starlets, and athletes who openly brag or cry about their drug escapades.’
    • ‘Peter Basch was one of the most successful photographers of stars and starlets in the 1950s.’
    • ‘The premiere was staged in the real Dodge City, with parades, parties, and lots of Hollywood stars and starlets flown out for good measure.’
    • ‘There will be stars, starlets and, of course, sultry costumes.’
    • ‘It turns out that one of the younger sharks has been whispering into the ears of his stars and starlets and telling them Jerry is melting down.’
    • ‘Some of them have become media stars or at least starlets.’
    • ‘The Hollywood actor and the British starlet, who met and fell in love on the set of new movie ‘Three’, are now looking at wedding venues in Malibu’
    • ‘Seven years ago, I wrote a piece for a now-defunct web magazine about five young female starlets who I thought had the potential to become major Hollywood stars.’
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/ˈstärlət/ /ˈstɑrlət/