Definition of starship in English:



  • (in science fiction) a large manned spaceship used for interstellar travel.

    ‘The huge distances between Earth and the nearest star make it necessary for us to conceive of extremely high-velocity starships if interstellar travel is to be possible with durations less than a human lifetime.’
    • ‘We take you beyond the confines of starships and space stations to Starfleet Academy, an alien colony, a desert planet, swamps, an icy planet, and even to a hellish realm.’
    • ‘The men carried plasma carbines, which were better suited than were rifles to the close combat inside the corridors of space stations and starships.’
    • ‘They use some sort of Transdimensional drive on their starships to travel through open space.’
    • ‘We utilized these starships to travel the galaxy and encounter new species, which became either one of our adversaries or one of our allies.’
    • ‘Starship Dimensions is a great site that shows the relative sizes of starships from various Science Fiction series.’
    • ‘They make their move when an exhausted Bastila is traveling aboard the Republic starship the Endar Spire.’
    • ‘In this future setting mankind transposed modern nautical and naval terminology to their spacefaring starships.’
    • ‘He manages to escape the barren planet, commandeers a starship, and seeks to exact his revenge on Kirk.’
    • ‘The story ended with Sam boarding a starship commanded by Sirians who may be able to aid in defeating the villain.’
    • ‘Tanen turned the starship around and launched a swarm of missiles towards the enemy.’
    • ‘They have two kilometer long starships orbiting the planet and soldiers in every city!’
    • ‘Yet, perhaps, a century from today, someone using Gates' equations will be able to build starships and make what we know as science fiction in 2001 an everyday reality.’
    • ‘Because of Federation starships in orbit, they were able to pick the missile off from deep space, causing minimal damage.’
    • ‘Some of the crates were the size of small starships, one or two possibly containing a vehicle for travel in the vacuum of space.’
    • ‘Well, ask Captain Janeway of the starship Voyager if she can tell the difference between warp five and warp six.’
    • ‘They boarded the runner that would take them to the starship in orbit.’
    • ‘Most of the early evacuated starships from Jupiter and Saturn have already landed next to their own Venus establishment.’
    • ‘All combat-ready starships are ordered to proceed to Alpha Centauri immediately.’
    • ‘They're moving starships into blockage positions.’



/ˈstärˌSHip/ /ˈstɑrˌʃɪp/