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(also startup)
  • 1The action or process of setting something in motion.

    ‘the start-up of marketing in Europe’
    • ‘start-up costs’
    • ‘The whole idea is to make sure it lasts long enough for you to get through the entire start-up process.’
    • ‘Experienced childminders will be on hand and advice will also be available on registering, training and help with start-up costs.’
    • ‘A downturn in workload in Scotland had led the firm to try and increase business south of the Border which led to the group being hit by start-up costs.’
    • ‘And that is before the multi-million pound start-up costs are factored in.’
    • ‘Finance growth through revenue, or if you have huge start-up costs, partner with a big company.’
    • ‘Ryan said the first issue of the publication is already in profit as start-up costs were kept down.’
    • ‘These provide instant high-quality office space with no start-up costs and flexible leasing arrangements.’
    • ‘With some start-up costs already paid, we'll probably hit that goal next year.’
    • ‘Even though there are some start-up costs, e-zines pay for themselves over the long haul.’
    • ‘EDS's penchant for mega deals has also become a liability in the eyes of some, because of the high start-up costs they often incur.’
    • ‘I-Air paid out a lot in start-up costs such as painting planes and redesigning its Dulles hub.’
    • ‘An advertising recession coincided with the advent of colour TV, with its high start-up costs for the channel.’
    • ‘This would benefit Alfa with a fairly low cost start-up, as well as assisting GM.’
    • ‘Whilst income is growing rapidly, start-up costs mean that the contribution to profits is still very small.’
    • ‘Last year there were start-up costs from a contract with the NAAFI, but this year the contract will add to profits.’
    • ‘The start-up costs will be next to nil for most people.’
    • ‘The start-up cost of £648 million will cover the trams and the installation of tracks and services needed to run it.’
    • ‘But start-up costs are high, and property is a risky investment for all but the long-term landlord.’
    • ‘The start-up cost for each scheme is £2,000, which includes paying for training.’
    • ‘The start-up costs of digital are much greater than film, but the incremental costs are negligible.’
    1. 1.1A newly established business.
      ‘problems facing start-ups and small firms in rural areas’
      • ‘We are serving businesses from new start-ups to firms with a £20 million turnover.’
      • ‘The scheme will provide a range of business mentoring support for start-ups and young businesses pre-investment.’
      • ‘This scheme is worth about £3 million and is designed to aid business start-ups throughout Cumbria.’
      • ‘We must also encourage entrepreneurship and business start-ups.’
      • ‘The other big thing is that while there are attempts to help business start-ups, we have got to find ways and means to help existing businesses.’
      • ‘Other services at the centre include advice on benefits, immigration, business start-ups and careers.’
      • ‘It has assisted over 200 business start-ups since its inception in February 2001.’
      • ‘Those figures are beyond more or less any other model of economic intervention in supporting new business start-ups.’
      • ‘Ten years ago these buyers would have been building up portfolios in the stock market or investing in business start-ups.’
      • ‘As a writer of this column, I hear a constant stream of suggestions for business start-ups.’
      • ‘Mr Hauser will address Venturefest York delegates on what makes successful business start-ups.’
      • ‘Lack of people with such skills is inhibiting the maturing of start-ups into full businesses.’
      • ‘The agency is far from perfect but there are signs of progress with a substantial rise in the number of business start-ups.’
      • ‘In the space of three hours we were told help should be focused on start-ups or businesses with real growth potential.’
      • ‘Business start-ups in the borough are up by 29 per cent for the first three months of the year.’
      • ‘Starting a new business is a challenge, and the TVBC is keen to support new business start-ups.’
      • ‘The competition is open to a variety of ideas, not just business start-ups.’
      • ‘You don't legislate for more nurses, better policing or more business start-ups.’
      • ‘Yorkshire is also one of the worst performing regions for business start-ups.’
      • ‘The town was also one of the highest performers in the North-west for business start-ups.’



/ˈstär ˌdəp/ /ˈstɑr ˌdəp/