Definition of start up in English:

start up

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phrasal verb

  • 1(of a machine or device) begin operating or being used.

    • ‘he heard the sound of a car starting up’
    begin working, start functioning, get going, start operating
    1. 1.1start something up, start up somethingCause a machine or device to begin operating or being used.
      • ‘he started up the boat's engine’
      activate, set in motion, switch on, turn on, fire up
  • 2Embark on a venture or undertaking, especially a commercial one.

    • ‘I can't start up on my own without capital’
    1. 2.1start something up, start up somethingEstablish a company or other enterprise.
      • ‘when we started up the business, we could only afford second-hand machines’