Definition of starve the beast in English:

starve the beast


  • Limit or reduce government expenditures by cutting taxes.

    ‘it has long been their aim to cut taxes to starve the beast’
    • ‘A real strategy of starving the beast is not politically feasible in today's world or anytime soon.’
    • ‘The other big piece of that strategy is the use of tax cuts to 'starve the beast.'’
    • ‘Most of our politicians cannot discipline themselves to spend other peoples' money wisely. Starve the beast!’
    • ‘In the next breath, sounding like a "starve the beast" conservative, she said she hoped the price of oil, the principal variable of state revenue, would not rise too much.’
    • ‘This is the kind of stuff that happens in the real world when "starve the beast" becomes the mantra of a powerful claque.’